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Safety Summit



2017 FDOT District 7 Local Agency Safety Summit​

When: Thursday, March 9, 2017
8:15 AM to 2:30 PM (Registration begins at 7:30 AM)


FDOT D7 Safety Office
11201 N. McKinley Drive
Tampa, FL 33612

Register here:​ 

PDF of Agenda: ​Please scroll down to the Resources section to open a PDF of the Safety Summit Agenda 2017.

5 CM credits for AICP have been approved for this event. PDH credits for Professional Engineers have been applied for.



The purpose of the 2017 FDOT District 7 Local Agency Safety Summit is to:
  • Provide training for the FDOT Safe Routes to School Program
  • Educate local agency partners on Statewide and District 7 Safety Initiatives
  • Brief local agency partners on current efforts and strategies to reduce crashes throughout the region, primarily focusing on the State's commitment to dedicate state and federal safety funds to local agency projects as part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program.

​​​​       Click here to register for the 2017 FDOT District 7 Local Agency Safety Summit​


 2015 Safety Summit Photos



Safety Summit 2016 Agenda 2016.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Evaluation.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 HSIP PreApp 2016-01-18.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 PDH-CM Request Form.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 03 - District Overview - Matt Weaver.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 04 - State Safety Office Overview - Joe Santos.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 05 - Safety Program Development and Funding - Kevin Burgess.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 06 - Bike and Ped Policy Change Highlights - Angela Wilhelm.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 07 - Safe Routes to School Updates - Sarita Taylor.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 08 - Pinellas County MPO Vision - Whit Blanton.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 09 - US-19 Multimodal Safety Efforts in Pinellas - Hank Schneider.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 10 - Bike Walk Tampa Bay Overview - Julie Bond.pdf
Safety Summit 2016 Presentation 11 - D7 Safety Program Project Updates - Matt Weaver.pdf
Safety Summit Agenda 2017.pdf



Thank you to our local agency partners for attending the 3rd Annual Safety Summit on April 2nd, 2013:

• Citrus County
• City of Clearwater
• City of Dunedin
• City of Inverness
• City of Largo
• City of O​​​ldsmar
• City of Pinellas Park
• City of St. Pete Beach
• City of St. Petersburg
• City of Tampa
• City of Temple Terrace
• Hernando County
• Hernando County MPO
• Hillsborough County
• Hillsborough MPO
• Pasco County
• Pasco County MPO
• Pasco County Commission
• Pinellas County
• Pinellas County MPO
• Pinellas County Schools
• Tampa City Council





01 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Federal Outlook - Hawk.pdf
02 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - State Highway Safety Program Development - Santos.pdf
03 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - D7 Safety Programs and Initiatives - Hsu.pdf
04  D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Wrong Way Driving - Ponnaluri.pdf
05  D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Pedestrian Enforcement - Thatcher.pdf
06a D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Fletcher Avenue Complete Streets Project - Bond.pdf
06b D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Flecther Avenue Complete Streets - Roshaven.pdf
07 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Pasco County Shady Hills Road Safety Improvement - Skrelunas.pdf
08 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Safety Investments in LRTP and TIP - Alden and Ward.pdf
09 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Traffic Safety Academy - Filloon.pdf
10 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Local Agency HSIP Application Process - Chaumont.pdf
11 D7 Safety Summit 2015 - Summary of 2014 HSIP Projects - Skrelunas.pdf
Cost per Crash 2015 (3Yr Local Roads).pdf
D7 Local Agency Safety Funding Guide for Off-System Roadways 2015-04-08.pdf
Summit 2015 Draft Agenda - 120614.docx
00 Safety Summit Agenda 2014.pdf
01 Jim Moulton - Speech Only - No Recording Available.txt
02 Lisa Montelione - Speech Only - No Recording Available.txt
03 Jim Kennedy - Speech Only - No Recording Available.txt
04 Felix Delgado - Highway Safety Improvement Program and Federal Funding Outlook.pdf
05 Joe Santos - Speech Only - No Recording Available.txt
06 Peter Hsu - District 7 Safety Programs and Initiatives.pdf
07 George Edmiston - Pedestrian Enforcement.pdf
08 Mike Flick - Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Engineering - FletcherAve.pdf
09 Julie Bond - Challenges and Lessions in Safety Educational Outreach (WalkWise).pdf
10 Dennis Fillon - Traffic Safety Academy.pdf
11 Dennis Fillon - Local Agency Safety Funding Guide Update.pdf
12 Anthony Chaumont - Local Agency HSIP Application Process (Online).pdf
13 WT Bowman - Summary of 2013 HSIP Projects.pdf
14 Stephen Benson - FDOT Safety Emphasis Areas and Project Development.pdf


Cost per Crash 2014 (3Yr and 5Yr).pdf
D7 BC Form Sheet 2014 01 07a.xlsx
HSIP_ Application_Form_042814.xlsx




Additional Resources:

Citrus-High Risk Rural Highway RSA.pdf
Citrus-Lane Departure Crash Locations.xlsx
Citrus-Motorcycle Crash Locations.xlsx
Hernando-High Risk Rural Highway RSA.pdf
Hernando-Lane Departure Crash Locations.xlsx
Hernando-Motorcycle Curve Crash Locations.xlsx
Hillsborough-Five Percent Locations.xlsx
Hillsborough-Five Percent Map.pdf
Hillsborough-Lane Departure Crash Locations.xlsx
Hillsborough-Motorcycle Curve Crash Locations.xlsx
Pasco-Curve Study Technical Memo.pdf
Pasco-Five Percent Location.xlsx
Pasco-Five Percent Map.pdf
Pasco-High Risk Rural Highway RSA.pdf
Pasco-Lane Departure Crash Locations.xlsx
Pasco-Motorcycle Curve Crash Locations.xlsx
Pinellas-Five Percent Locations.xlsx
Pinellas-Five Percent Map.pdf
Pinellas-Lane Departure Crash Locations.xlsx
Pinellas-Motorcycle Crash Locations.xlsx
1_FHWA Local Agencies FELIX.pdf
10_FDOT - D7 - BC for Off-System Safety Projects - BOWMAN.pdf
11_Lessons Learned-TAYLOR.pdf
3_D7Safety Programs_PETER.pdf
7_Funding Guide - DENNIS Updated.pdf
8_Completing HSIP Application TEMPLE.pdf
9_FDOT D 7 Safety Summit HSIP Online Application - ANTHONY.pdf
Efficient Design Solutions D7 Traffic Safety Trends.pdf
FDOT D7 - Benefit Cost Calculation - Off System Safety Projects.pdf
Federal Safety Funding and LAP - 2011 D7 Executive Safety Summit.pdf
Florida Strategic Highway Safety Plan - Your Role.pdf
Overview of D7 Safety Programs.pdf
Safety Edge - 2011 D7 Executive Safety Summit.pdf



FL Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)
D7 Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST)​
Service Life Table -- FDOT 1988 ARF Manual.pdf
FDOT District 7 Transportation Statistics (Traffic Data, Highway Data, GIS Data)​
FDOT Statewide Traffic Safety Portal​




For additional questions about this process, contact your Safety Ambassador:

Mahshid.jpgMahshid Arasteh, P.E.
For all local agencies in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties
American Quality Consultants, LLC
(727) 543-1458




Bala.jpgBala Padmanabhan, P.E.
For all local agencies in Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco Counties
Bala Consulting Services, LLC
(813) 962-4697


​For additional questions about LAP, contact:

larrytaylor.JPGLawrence “Larry” Taylor
Local Public Agency Solutions
(813) 220-4513





Brought to you by FDOT with support from our community partners.