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FDOT Safety Projects


Welcome to FDOT Safety Projects

The following are active and recently completed safety projects on the state highway system. Click a project to download more information.


Active Projects

  • 66th Street North Access Management Safety Study from Pasadena Avenue to 30th Avenue North

This report presents the findings and recommendations resulting from an access management safety study of 66th Street North extending from Pasadena Avenue on the south to 30th Avenue North on the north. The 1.737-mile corridor intersects with one major route, Tyrone Boulevard (SR 595/Alternate US 19) which runs diagonally northwest to southeast near the north end.

A total of nine signalized intersections are located along this section of 66th Street North. Additionally, the corridor includes ten unsignalized (eight full and two directional) median openings. In total, detailed analyses were performed for 19 signalized and unsignalized median openings/intersections.


66th Street Concept Plan Strip Map

Final Report - 66th Street Access Safety Study



Recently Completed Projects


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