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Safe Routes To School


Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Florida's Safe Routes to School initiatives help communities address their school transportation needs and encourage more students to walk or cycle to school.  SRTS strives to enable and encourage students in grades Kindergarten through High School, including those with disabilities, to walk and cycle to school; to make walking and biking to school safer and more appealing; and to facilitate the planning, development, and implementation of projects that will improve safety and reduce traffic, fuel consumption, and air pollution in the vicinity of schools.  In addition to encouraging more students to walk or cycle to school, the program also seeks to address the safety needs of students already walking or biking in less than ideal conditions. 

Resources are available for each community and each school to develop their own program. A successful SRTS Program integrates health, physical activity and fitness, traffic relief, environmental awareness, and safety under one program. Programs should encompass routes and techniques used to encourage students to walk or cycle to or from school.  We encourage schools, local transportation officials and other qualified groups to cooperate and apply for funding to supplement local resources. 

Application Deadline: January 31, 2020



Safe Routes to School Tampa Bay is a great resource for your community walking school bus/bicycle train program.  Here you can find which schools are participating in the Safe Routes to School program this year, as well as many pedestrian and bicycle safety resources. 





How to Write a Competitive SRTS Application:

An informational session hosted by FDOT District Seven discussed the strategies of writing a competitive SRTS Application. 

Click Here to view the PowerP​oint from the info session.



The Florida Department of Transportation is now again accepting applications for sidewalk infrastructure projects serving elementary, middle and high schools throughout Tampa Bay. School applicants will also need to partner with a Maintaining Agency to own and operate the infrastructure after it is built. A Maintaining Agency is a government agency which is able to:

  • enter into a legal agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation
  • design and/or construct the project in accordance with all federal requirements,
  • provide the initial funding for the project before being reimbursed, and maintain the completed Infrastructure project  

The application process is competitive and is managed by the FDOT District 7 Safety Office.

Program information for Florida Safe Routes to School can be viewed by clicking here.

​SRTS Infrastructure Project Applications may now be completed online using a web-based application portal. Sponsor agencies are encouraged to use the online portal to submit applications. The portal allows you to complete the application incrementally and return to, collaborate with others working on the same application, as well as upload supporting information and attachments to a central location that is accessible remotely via the web. 

Hard copies of the application for 2020 may be downloaded by clicking here​.

​Eligible sponsor agency representatives may request a login ID and password by clicking here.




SRTS Program Guidelines.doc

SRTS Guidance for Applications.docx

SRTS Evaluation Form.xls










More Questions​?


SRTS Infrastructure Program

Frequently Asked Questions


REDI Community Free Technical Assistance



For questions about the SRTS Infrastructure Program in D7 contact:


Edith Wong
(813) 975-6256

​For application questions:

​Sara Beresheim, PE, PTOE
Senior Associate
Traffic Department
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
2000 E 11th Ave, Suite 300
Tampa, Florida 33605
(813) 868-6513

  Safe Routes to Schools programs in Florida are funded by the
Florida Department of Transportation, and managed by FDOT and affiliated contractors.


Brought to you by FDOT with support from our community partners.