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Welcome to the West Central Florida
Community Traffic Safety Team!

Serving communities in Hernando and Citrus Counties.

The West Central Florida CTST was formed in August of 1996 and covers Citrus and Hernando counties. The team and team members consistently earn recognition in state and national venues. Some of the activities it participates in or supports are:

  • Child and Occupant Safety Programs
  • Bike and Pedestrian Safety
  • Work Zone Safety
  • School Bus Safety
  • School Zone Safety​
  • Grade Crossing Safety
  • Motorcycle Safety
The West Central Florida CTST conducts education and enforcement campaigns involving red light running, drivng under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and traffic safety. It also participates in “Buckle Up Florida” and “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose” sustained enforcement efforts.

The West Central CTST meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month and alternate between Hernando and Citrus County locations.

Due to a scheduling conflict with the Citrus-Hernando MPO meeting, the West Central CTST meeting in December has been cancelled. We will reconvene on January 9, 2019 in Brooksville.

Odd months, the team meets in Brooksville at FDOT​​​. 
January, March, May, July, September, November

Even months, the team meets at FDOT at the Citrus County EOC in Lecanto​.
February, April, June, August, October, December

  • Chair: Walt Eastmond​, Engineering Project Manager, Citrus County
  • Co-Chair: Carlene Riecss, Hernando County ​
We need your help to improve traffic safety in Hernando and Citrus Counties. Please consider joining our team.
Folder: West Central CTST 2015 AgendasWest Central CTST 2015 Agendas
Folder: West Central CTST 2016 AgendasWest Central CTST 2016 Agendas
Folder: West Central CTST 2017 AgendasWest Central CTST 2017 Agendas
WC CTST Agenda April 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda April 2018
WC CTST Agenda August 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda August 2018
WC CTST Agenda February 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda February 2018
WC CTST Agenda January 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda January 2018
WC CTST Agenda July 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda July 2018
WC CTST Agenda June 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda June 2018
WC CTST Agenda March 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda March 2018
WC CTST Agenda May 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda May 2018
WC CTST Agenda November 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda November 2018
WC CTST Agenda September 2018.pdfWC CTST Agenda September 2018
Folder: West Central CTST 2015 Meeting MinutesWest Central CTST 2015 Meeting Minutes
Folder: West Central CTST 2016 Meeting MinutesWest Central CTST 2016 Meeting Minutes
Folder: West Central CTST 2017 Meeting MinutesWest Central CTST 2017 Meeting Minutes
WC April 2018 Minutes.pdfWC April 2018 Minutes
WC August 2018 Minutes.pdfWC August 2018 Minutes
WC February 2018 Minutes.pdfWC February 2018 Minutes
WC January 2018 Minutes.pdfWC January 2018 Minutes
WC July 2018 Minutes.pdfWC July 2018 Minutes
WC June 2018 Minutes.pdfWC June 2018 Minutes
WC March 2018 Minutes.pdfWC March 2018 Minutes
WC May 2018 Minutes.pdfWC May 2018 Minutes
WC September 2018 Minutes.pdfWC September 2018 Minutes
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